1. What rare animal did a retired Michigan legislator capture on camera on Nov. 13?

a. A bear with three legs

b. A bunny with one ear

c. A deer with three antlers

d. A fox with two tails

2. Which university’s student body wants to impeach their student body president for offering Donald Trump Jr. $50,000 to come to speak at the school?

a. Harvard University

b. University of Florida

c. University of Kentucky

d. Stanford University

3. A teen in Detroit received a double lung transplant because of what environmental cause?

a. Mold

b. Vaping

c. Asbestos

d. Cigarettes

4. A Home Owners Association in Texas asked a family to do what controversial action?

a. Get rid of their dog

b. Take down Christmas decorations

c. Take down “No Soliciting” sign

d. Plant more flowers


1. a. The Washington Post reported that retired Michigan legislator Steven Lindberg captured a photo of a rare deer with three antlers. Lindberg was out on a walk with his dog, Max, when he spotted the animal, a sighting the Washington Post called a “one in a million” chance.

2. c. According to the Washington Post, the student body at the University of Florida wants to impeach their president for the misuse of student fees due to inviting Donald Trump Jr. for $50,000.

3. b. According to Time, a Michigan teenager has had the first-ever double lung transplant due to extreme damage from vaping. The Henry Ford Hospital doctors who saved the teenager’s life implored the public to understand that vaping can have serious consequences, Time reported.

4. b. NBC News reported that a Home Owners Association in Texas asked a family to take down a giant, inflatable snowman. The family put up the decorations on November 1 because the mother is pregnant and the due date is December 25, but the Home Owners Association has cited that it is “too early for Christmas decorations” as the reason to take the snowman down, according to NBC.

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