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Some Late-December Theft

A vehicle was broken into on Dec. 30, 2019. The victim, who filed a report with police Dec. 31 after getting her car window replaced, said that her window had been broken and her backpack taken from the vehicle. No fingerprints were able to be lifted from the car.

Even Over the Break, You Have to Follow the Rules

Officers were sent to Wildcat Village after RAs called about a drug violation in building three on Dec. 31. When police arrived, they were able to smell drugs, but there was no one at the dorm. Police were unable to verify if drugs had been used.

On Jan. 4, 2020, RAs, who knew an underage student was in the dorms, reported that they could smell alcohol. When the RA went to the door to discuss the complaint, the student stated they would turn down music which was not playing. The students were placed in the common area, except for the resident of the dorm. When officers arrived, they could smell alcohol on the student. The students were warned and informed of housing policy.

Family Problems Require Some Help

On Jan. 2, WSU officers assisted South Ogden police with a family disturbance. They were on site in case there were issues when the mother picked up her child.

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