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Jacqueline Auffant and Armando Zubia, representatives for Focus Services, look to recruit Weber State students at the Spring Career and Internship Fair held on Tuesday at WSU's main campus. (Robert Lewis / The Signpost)

Finding a career after graduation requires more than just luck or a long list of skills. Employers look for students who take initiative, who are team players and are willing to put themselves out there.

The Spring Career and Internship Fair brought many companies to Weber State campus looking to make connections with prospective students. During the event on Jan. 28, companies came out to answer questions, see student resumes and offer some insights to curious students.

The Association for Utah Community Health’s Division Manager Cynthia O’Connor said that her company specifically looks for a personality that fits. Because Utah Community Health works with all kinds of different people in the community, O’Connor looks for individuals without bias and who are committed to working with others.

Many of the employers mentioned that it is important for students to come to these events on campus in order to see what opportunities are out there. Coming in with the knowledge about companies or organizations you want to talk to is a good place to start.

“I think the questions that they ask about what we do is really important because it shows that they are investing their time to get to know us,” Micaela Soto with Prismview: A Samsung Electronics Company said. Soto said that her company personally looks for an individual who is willing to embrace change because technology is always changing.

These events are great places to make connections, Soto and others said. Even just a quick meet and greet with a promising student can make a difference, and they will remember you if you present yourself well.

“Even from a resume, you can tell if somebody is in it for the long haul,” Weber States Human Resource recruiter Kristy Byington said, “They’re committed, and they’re going to show up.”

She feels that having “skills” isn’t as important as willingness to learn and wanting to be a team player. While experience and skill sets are important to landing a job, personality is just as vital to employers.

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