Ron Galli
Ron Galli smiles at the camera while he has his portrait photo taken. (Photos provided by Allison Hess)

The Former College of Science Dean and professor, Dr. J. Ronald Galli, passed away from natural causes on Feb. 17.

Galli spent 54 years at Weber State University, retiring in 2017, where he held many roles as Physics Department Chair, Dean of the College of Science and professor. In addition to the many hats he wore, he also held the record for the longest tenure on record.

Galli was the first physics professor at WSU and organized the department from scratch when he began. Galli chaired the department again during the transition when Weber State University became Weber State College.

Ron Galli.jpg
Ron Galli and a cluster of students are bundled in coats, standing on a the stairs while Ron talks to the group. (Photos provided by Allison Hess)

Before coming to WSU, Galli attended the University of Utah and received his Ph.D in 1963. During his college attendance, he served in the Air National guard and worked as a physicist in California.

Galli received many special recognitions while at WSU, including the Crystal Crest Presidential Award and Crystal Crest Certificate of Achievement Special award. He was also honored through a joint resolution from the Ogden City Council and Mayor Caldwell for “an Extraordinary 50 years at Weber State University,” according to the obituary in the Standard-Examiner.

While working at WSU, Galli invented the “Galli Cat,” which explains how a cat almost always lands on its feet. The metal cat replica is sold throughout the world.

After Galli retired, he and his wife have provided financial aid through a private scholarship that provides funds to physics majors for two years.

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