Financial Aid WSU Ogden (Don Matautia / The Signpost)
Financial Aid WSU Ogden (Don Matautia / The Signpost)

Summer Semester registration opened March 30 for registered WSU students. The week prior, WSU announced that all classes would remain online through the summer semester.

With the new move online, classes may be offered in two formats: virtual and online.

Virtually format classes are structured according to the needs of each particular course, instructor and the students, typically with regular class meeting times throughout the semester. This format may be offered in classes that were not planned to be online prior to the announcement.

Classes formatted under the online option may be offered in the traditional online, “asynchronous” format. Students can work at their own pace while taking online classes, depending on the class structure and learning material.

Online classes may mean all coursework will be due on one day or may be spaced out deadlines throughout the semester. Those that are formatted this way may be offered in classes that were planned to be online before the announcement or those that were moved online after.

Like many of the traditional lecture classes have converted to a virtual format since WSU shutdown this spring semester, virtual formatted classes are designed to offer as much of a classroom environment as possible for students, utilizing programs like Zoom. Students are expected to attend virtual lectures where the content for that day’s class will be provided, much as traditional face-to-face classes are conducted, only not on campus.

When signing up for summer semester classes, virtually formatted classes will be labeled as “Face-to-Face” courses on Weber State University’s registration portal, while online only courses can be found labeled as, “Online Delivery Mode.”

Fall registration opens on April 6 at 7 a.m. Currently, all classes are proceeding in the format they were scheduled in.

The WSU Bookstores are open and fulfilling orders; however, online orders cannot be physically picked up at any location, so all textbook orders through any WSU Bookstore will come with free shipping via FedEx Ground.

As WSU gets prepared to jump into Summer and Fall Semesters, while upholding the continued COVID-19 shutdown of campus, WSU students can direct questions regarding either Summer or Fall semester class registrations to the registration office. There are also many online tools students can access on the WSU website or on their eWeber portals.

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