1. In which two counties from Utah did Governor Gary Herbert allow mandates for face masks?

a. Davis and Weber counties

b. Iron and Cache counties

c. Box Elder and Grand counties

d. Salt Lake and Summit counties

2. Which state has drawn attention lately for a debate over changing its Confederate-themed state flag?

a. California

b. Texas

c. Illinois

d. Mississippi

3. Which big company just threw its weight behind boycotts of Facebook and Instagram due to the social media organizations’ inaction at stopping hate speech?

a. Adidas

b. Victoria’s Secret

c. Toms Shoes

d. Verizon Wireless

4. What state reported a 79% rise in its weekly average of COVID-19 cases on June 25?

a. Florida

b. Texas

c. California

d. Kentucky


1. d. According to ABC, Governor Gary Herbert allowed mandates for face masks in Salt Lake and Summit counties due to the rise of COVID-19 cases.

2. d. Mississippi, which is the last state to have a Confederate emblem in its flag, may have enough votes in the legislature to get the flag changed away from the symbol of Southern rebellion, according to CNN.

3. d. According to THE STREET, Verizon is the latest big company to pull its advertisements from Facebook and Instagram because the social media platforms are not taking action to stop hate speech from the platforms.

4. b. Texas reported a 79% rise in COVID-19 on June 25, according to CNBC; the governor believes it is likely due to people congregating at bars and restaurants.

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