1. According to a recent Suffolk poll, what percentage of Americans will choose not to get the COVID-19 vaccine when it first comes available?

a. Half the population

b. 90 percent of the population

c. Less than half the population

d. Two-thirds of the population

2. What three states have the highest reported number of COVID-19 cases?

a. Idaho, Utah and Alabama

b. Nevada, Arizona and Oregon

c. Illinois, Michigan and Kentucky

d. California, Texas and Florida

3. What’s the current national unemployment rate?

a. 6.3%

b. 8.4%

c. 5.8%

d. 9.1%

4. What is the destination of choice travelers plan to visit on Labor Day weekend even though it is a COVID-19 hot spot?

a. Florida

b. Texas

c. California

d. Kentucky

5. Which Utah university had student protestors marching, in hopes to have their president resign and abolish their campus police department?

a. Utah State University

b. University of Utah

c. Southern Utah University

d. Weber State University


1. The correct answer is D, Two-thirds of the population. According to a USA TODAY/ Suffolk Poll, two-thirds of Americans plan on not getting the vaccine when it is first available.

2. The correct answer is D, California, Texas and Florida. USA Today and the US coronavirus map: Tracking the outbreak made by U.S.A. Today shows the total numbers per county.


3. The correct answer, is B, 8.4 percent, according to recent ABC News and The Bureau of Labor Statistics.

4. The correct answer is A, Florida. According to ABC News, Americans want to travel to Florida during labor day weekend.

5. The correct answer is B, University of Utah. According to The Salt Lake Tribune, there were over 50 protestors.

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