Civic charity: the cure for political tribalism

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In his presentation “Civic Charity and The Constitution,” Federal Judge Thomas Griffith shared his own experiences and the experiences of the attendees of the Constitutional Convention at Philadelphia as examples […]

WSU Symphonic Band provides a musical journey and honors veterans

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The Weber State University Symphonic Band fall concert took audience members on a musical trip to Tolkien’s Middle Earth, the DeLorean from “Back to the Future” and to the beaches […]

Weber radiology: learning with purpose, leading with passion

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Dr. Robert Walker, the chair of the Weber State University School of Radiologic Sciences, views National Radiologic Technology Week as an appropriate time to remind students that they are a […]

Ethics and technology: promise or peril?

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London-based author and futurist Cennydd Bowles called attention to the ethical challenges facing tech companies, governments and its citizens as society progresses into the next decade, becoming much more dependent […]

The long road to redemption

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Zeb Williams shared his struggle to overcome addiction as part of the Diversity and Inclusive Programs’ Taboo Talks on Oct. 22. Williams emotionally detailed his initial experimentation with narcotics, his […]

WSU Investors Club: making markets manageable

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A dozen students, fueled with ambition and pizza, used tablets, laptops and smart phones to study company balance sheets, income statements and quarterly cash flows at Weber State University’s Investors […]