Navigating being queer and Hispanic

Culture/Diversity, LGBT

Those who are a part of both the LGBTQ community and the Hispanic community have a unique set of challenges that stem from culture, religion, politics, racism and classism. The […]

Latinos de primera generación y Weber State crean excelencia

Campus Service, Culture/Diversity, Spanish

Traducido por: Andres Rodriguez Relatando sus historias personales como sus motivos de éxito en la universidad, los estudiantes Latinos de primera generación de Weber State University expresan sus razones por […]

WSU estudiantes y facultad Latina luchan por el excepcionalismo

Culture/Diversity, Spanish

Traducido por: Andres Rodriguez La comunidad Latina dentro de los programas de salud en WSU representan una variedad de experiencias de vida. La estudiante de WSU Karina Torres, se siente […]

What it means to be Latinx


The term Hispanic was created to uniformly lump together different groups of people in order for the U.S. government to count and describe them for the census, according to the […]

Making waves at the art of the pacific opening

Arts & Entertainment, Culture/Diversity, Visual Arts

Monique Ho-Ching, senator of The Ohana Association, said Pacific Islanders are often primarily recognized for their athleticism. Weber State’s TOA hopes to change the stereotype. “Our athletes think they have […]

Where do you belong?

Arts & Entertainment, Clubs/Organizations, Culture/Diversity, Movies

Te Anu Tonga, Utah native, film director, and producer of the documentary, “Kapa Haka – Going Home,” shared her experiences as she discovered her Pacific Islander roots, urging Weber State […]