Being mindful of social anxiety

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When Weber State student Carrington Garcia saw the Taboo Talks event discussing the topic of social anxiety, she contemplated outside the door for five minutes whether she should attend. She […]

Science Weekly: Political beliefs bound in brain physiology

Science Weekly

After a polarizing election year, and a less-than-peaceful transition of power, it is becoming increasingly apparent that political beliefs are tied to emotions. Neuroscientists from the Brain and Creativity Institute […]

Science Weekly: Unprecedented links between mental and physical health observed

Science Weekly

According to the World Health Organization, roughly 350 million people around the world are affected by depression. While depression correlates to mental health, researchers have long looked at the links […]

Student researchers link cell phone addiction with test anxiety

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Weber State University students teamed up to research and learn about the effects smartphone addiction on test taking anxiety amongst college students. Jake Ombach and J’lene Rea, along with assistant psychology professor […]

Psychologist busts myths about psychotherapy

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Psychologist Steven Szykula opened students’ minds and offered them a different perspective on the world of psychotherapy. The psychology department was able to host a lecture given by Szykula on […]