Outreach team at Weber looking for new students

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The Counseling and Psychological Services Center at Weber State works to help students in more ways than one during this time of year. A helping paw from their popular service animals that […]

Take breaks to avoid burning out

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There comes a time when students need a break from the pressures that come with their studies. This mostly affects students who decide to attend classes during the summer. It’s […]

Old man winter may bring the blues


Seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, is a type of depression that affects people each year around the same time. The most common time those affected will feel this is during […]

El invierno puede traer tristeza

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Trastorno afectivo estacional es un tipo de depresión que afecta a personas cada año. El momento más común que alguien tendrá el trastorno afectivo estacional, o sea TAE, es durante […]

Be thankful for your life this Thanksgiving


Imagine feeling like the only way to feel normal is by controlling what and how you eat. No one can even begin to understand what you are going through, not even those you love. They think […]

WSU Student Researches Mindfulness

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Life can be stressful, especially during college. One Weber State University student is devoting his time to researching on mindfulness and how it can help reduce stress. Tyson Bryant first attended […]

Counseling center puts a twist on masks

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The Shepherd Union Atrium was buzzing with activity last Friday and the Counseling and Psychological Services Center got in on the action by offering an opportunity for students to express themselves […]