"Blood and Guts " da instrucciones a los estudiantes de pre-medicina

Davis Campus, Science & Tech, Spanish

El jueves 15 de octubre en el Campus de Davis de Weber State University, Jason Fritzler y Jane Stout, junto con College of Science, llevarán a cabo una sesión gratuita […]

"Blood and guts" provides guidance to pre-med students

Davis Campus, Science & Tech

This Thursday on Oct. 15 at the Weber State University Davis Campus, Jason Fritzler and Jane Stout, with the College of Science, will be hosting a free advisory session for pre-medical […]

Align your chakras and assume downward dog at the Ogden Yoga Festival


In Ogden, Utah, on Oct. 9 and 10, Weber State University will be hosting the fourth annual Ogden Yoga Festival. The event will be taking place at the Swenson complex, first on Friday from 4 […]