How to escape a sinking ship

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Failure isn’t inherently bad, but it comes with consequences. And in an academic setting, where money and time are involved, the consequences can be long-lasting. If you can tell in […]

Crime doesn’t pay, but scholarships do

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Weber State University’s Department of Criminal Justice prepares students for careers in criminal justice, forensic science and crime scene investigation, but the path to the professional world can come with […]

Words to the wise: Take the free money

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  During a session on financial aid at the Weber State University Davis campus on Nov. 21, advisors told all students that whether they qualify for federal grants or not, […]

Consejos para los nuevos estudiantes internacionales

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Al principio de cada semestre, recuerdo y revivo los sentimientos que tenía cuando vine por primera vez al campus de Weber State University en un caluroso día de agosto en […]

Survey to determine students' financial wellness

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The National Student Financial Wellness Study is being administered at Weber State University (WSU) starting Nov. 1. The survey is being conducted on 50 university campuses across the nation, including […]