WSU draws up plans for engineering building

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The Utah System of Higher Education plans on requesting money from the state legislature to improve Utah college campuses. A portion of the proposed amount is allocated to Weber State […]

WSUSA aims for more events at Davis campus

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On Jan. 26, the Weber State University Student Association Executive Board met to discuss different ways to utilize the Davis campus for future events and activities. Located on University Park […]

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String Project Orchestra El Browning Center estará lleno de música sinfónica será tocada por jóvenes instrumentistas de cuerda locales durante un concierto el 5 de diciembre. El concierto será realizado […]

NUAMES promotes robotics clubs at fundraising dinner

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The Weber State Davis campus was abuzz with activity this past Wednesday evening. An aroma of fresh food floated in the air, and robots swerved around at the command of […]