May saw the cancellation of a long list of television shows. Many of the shows were in their first season and had barely gotten off the ground before they were axed. If you didn’t get a chance to catch some of these short-lived series, here’s a list of the top five that are a must-see.


Tessa Altman’s life is turned upside down when she moves from the hustle and bustle of New York City to the suburb of Chatswin with her architect father. The word “Suburgatory” is a mash up of suburb and purgatory, which, in Tessa’s case, is life in Chatswin. The town is filled with residents who strive for perfection and care little for people who don’t conform to their standards.

This comedy was canceled in its third season, but there is still time to check the show out on Hulu. Give Tessa a chance to warm your hearts with her out-of-the-box thinking and unwillingness to conform to everything that is Chatswin.

How I Met Your Mother

Ted Mosby tells his children how he met their mother through nine seasons of amusing stories of his young adulthood. Mosby narrates the life he lived in New York City with four of his closest friends, Marshall, Barney, Lilly and Robin. The group of friends share their experiences dating, working and living in the big city.

This sidesplitting comedy has a way of sticking in your brain with its amazing one-liners. The show had a great run and ended in its ninth season. Catch up with Ted Mosby and how he met his future wife on Netflix.


“Community” had a rough go with ratings and was on the chopping block twice before it was cut. Don’t let the ratings fool you. This show was a gold mine. Centered on a community college in Colorado, it follows a group of students as they make their way through classes.

Watch as the students attend class at Greendale and experience its unconventional teaching. Enter into Troy and Abed’s creative world where anything goes. “Community” is a worthwhile show that will be missed but you can still tune in on Hulu or Amazon.


“Revolution” made it two seasons before it was terminated. This show had an unusual appeal to the science fiction audiences. Miles and Charlie Matheson, an uncle and niece duo, live in a dystopian future where the power has been shut off permanently.

The United States government has collapsed and everyone lives in separate territories, trying to survive in harsh conditions. “Revolution” really picks up midway through the first episode and keeps viewers hooked until the end. Although it’s been canceled you can still catch both seasons on Amazon.


Three brothers all enlist in the Army and comedy ensues. The eldest of the three, Pete Hill, returns from a tour in Iraq and supervises a platoon that includes his two younger brothers. Pete, Derrick and Randy Hill try to work together as brothers and recreate the bond they had when they were younger.

“Enlisted” finished its first season but was canceled too soon. Get your laughs with this patriotic show. Relax and watch the only season on Hulu or Amazon.

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