Once in a while a television show premiere leaves its audience captivated by the characters, and sometimes those characters have such a distinct appeal the viewers are left wanting more.

I introduce to you the top five characters many of us know and love.

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Jessica Day

Jess, the quirky leading lady in the hit comedy “New Girl” lives fully outside the box, but that’s what’s so enjoyable about her character. She cares little for what people think of her and her life motto seems to be, “Just go with the flow.”

The awkward moments and mishaps throughout the show keep you laughing and you know there isn’t a chance  anyone could think Jess is unkind. Jess is someone everyone should want as a spontaneous best friend, so allow her into your living room for some fun entertainment through Hulu.

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Sheldon Cooper

Although Sheldon is extremely rough around the edges and seems to have a hard time creating bonds with people, he is still a lovable character. His lack of common sense and literal understanding of the world make you want to be surrounded by him even more. Sheldon may not understand everyday life, but he’s a super genius when it comes to science, which gives him an edge most characters lack.

Give Sheldon a chance to make you forget about your busy life and enjoy his unintentional comedy in the “Big Bang Theory.” You can catch him on Amazon or re-runs airing on CBS.

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Peter Griffin

There’s a lot to be said about Peter Griffin. He is apt to do things without thinking of the consequences. Lucky for him he is just a cartoon character and can bounce back after a long and grueling fight with a man sized chicken and other shenanigans.

Peter is not your average family guy. In fact, his actions often make people wonder how he could have a wife and kids. He leaves you laughing and thankful that he is not one of your family members.

Catch re-runs of Family Guy on Hulu and TBS.

Scott McCall

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Get into the supernatural world with Scott McCall, a typical teenage boy whose life is changed forever after a run-in with a werewolf.

In a world where werewolves actually do exist, Scott does his best to maintain his grades in school, go on dates and stay loyal to his friends. All of these traits make him a lovable character, because anyone would love a friend willing to drop everything to rescue you when you are in distress. “Teen Wolf” is airing on MTV now, so catch up with the Scott and his team.

Mary Margaret 

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(Photo by: Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel/McClatchy- Tribune)

Mary Margret is just as sweet as honey. She would probably give the shirt off her back to any human or animal. This could be because she is the beloved fairy tale character, Snow White.

Snow and the rest of the fairy tale kingdom have been put under a curse, and they now reside in the town of Storybrooke, Maine.

Mary Margaret tries to see the good in everyone, and who wouldn’t want a friend like that? She lives with pure intentions and this makes her one of the most likable characters on the show. Enter in Mary Margaret’s world in “Once Upon A Time” airing on Netflix.

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