Five Crazy HeadlinesFrom a 60-year-old class ring to a common fountain pen, these crazy headlines feature all things lost and found.

  1. Doctors remove fountain pen from inside woman after six-month stomachache

A Taiwanese woman suffered for six months under incredible stomach pain until doctors found the problem: she had a fountain pen lodged in her stomach.

The pen showed up on an X-ray after an endoscopy. Doctors were able to remove it safely and the pen itself was badly corroded.

The woman does not remember swallowing the pen, though she does say she may have done it after a particularly alcohol-rich post-exam party.

Source: Laredo Sun

  1. Woman claims to have been contacted by dead grandmother – via selfie

After visiting a fortune teller, Romanian Gina Mihai, 34, claims to have discovered a picture of her deceased grandmother on her phone. She believes her grandmother is being punished in the afterlife, a notion the fortune teller confirmed.

The picture featured a snake around the grandmother’s neck, according to Mihai, who takes that as a symbol of punishment. Mihai believes this is her grandmother reaching out to her.

Source: Metro UK

  1. Lost for 60 years, ring turns up in dry Texas lake

After spending sixty years lying at the bottom of a now-dry Texas lake, 84-year-old local resident Elizabeth Clark’s 1953 class ring was finally returned to her.

The lake had dried up after years of drought, revealing the ring last March. Some investigation confirmed the identity of the owner, and after a local jeweler restored the 10 carat gold ring, Clark was delighted to have it back.

Source: Yahoo News

  1. Forgotten vials of smallpox found in storage room

Government workers found six glass vials of the deadly smallpox virus last week sitting in a cardboard box at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.

No records of why the still-sealed vials were stored there have been recovered, though officials say they were probably kept there since the 1950s. No contamination or infection has been reported.

Health officials were surprised at the find, since smallpox is believed to be completely eradicated with only freeze dried samples in Atlanta and Russia surviving 1950s vaccination efforts.

Source: Fox News

  1. Australian woman fights to prove her identity

Local Australian resident Charmaine Webster has spent the last 20 years fighting to prove her identity.

She has no birth certificate or any other identification proving that she does, in fact, exist. Her birth was unregistered and she had cut ties early with her parents, claiming they were abusive. Other than her birth date, she knows little of her origins.

Webster is still fighting for any information that would allow her to get a drivers license, hold a job or to even legally leave the country.


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