Foam Party at the Wildcat Dorms. (Lichelle Jenkins/ The Signpost)
Students attend the Foam Bash at the Wildcat dorms. The bash was held Friday night at Wildcat Village, featuring music, an oxygen bar and a foam pit. (Lichelle Jenkins/ The Signpost)

Students attended the Foam Bash Friday night in Wildcat Village and were greeted with bubbles, popcorn and heavy bass.

Beyond that there was even more excitement and activities than what was advertised. The party was furnished with a mechanical bull, a limited supply of free food, a live DJ, a slip-and-slide and a photo booth.

The cool summer night brought hundreds of students to the event.

One booth that attracted attention was called “Oxygen Experience.” According to an FAQ page given to students, an oxygen bar is a “kiosk or place that offers non-medical oxygen mixed with various scents including aromatherapy.”

The pure oxygen that people breathe in via a nose tube, similar to one you would find in a hospital, is supposed to give users “a natural high.”

The FAQ page said some of the benefits are heightened concentration, alertness and memory. Also, it is supposed to give you a rush of energy.

Foam Party at the Wildcat Dorms. (Lichelle Jenkins/ The Signpost)
Students dancing at the Foam Bash Friday. (Lichelle Jenkins/ The Signpost)

Sessions are normally supposed to run for 20-30 minutes but because of high demand Friday night, students were only allowed five-minute sessions. They were welcome to come back, however.

One question many asked is whether breathing in the oxygen would be harmful. According to the FAQ page, “there are no risks and no adverse effects with the short-term use of oxygen.”

When it comes to legality the FAQ states that their guidelines “include using no medical equipment or medical supplies and making no medical claims. Recreational oxygen falls under the Supplemental Act of 1994 that allows supplements such as herbs and vitamins … to be sold over the counter to perform different functions without being evaluated by the FDA.”

Foam Party at the Wildcat Dorms. (Lichelle Jenkins/ The Signpost)
Students jumping in foam at Foam Bash in the Wildcat Village courtyard. (Lichelle Jenkins/ The Signpost)

A rare phenomenon, the oxygen bar held a long line for most of the night.

With all the festivities that happened at the event, nothing could beat the foam pit. From the time the bash started until it closed students were dancing, taking selfies, and diving in and out of the cascade of bubbles contained in the blow up pit.

Nothing stopped students from getting soaked to the bone while frolicking in one of the best and underrated pastimes: bubbles.

If you weren’t able to attend the Foam Bash this year, definitely plan on going next year because when they say it’s a bash, it ends up being a blast.

Foam Party at the Wildcat Dorms. (Lichelle Jenkins/ The Signpost)
Featuring music, an oxygen bar and a foam pit, Foam Bash participants glowed late into Friday night. (Lichelle Jenkins/ The Signpost)


Oxygen bar, Foam Party, Wildcat dorms (Lichelle Jenkins/ The Signpost)
The oxygen bar was one of the most popular attractions at the foam party. Students were limited to five minute sessions due to demand. (Lichelle Jenkins/ The Signpost)
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