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Whenever college students have a question, they know one place they can turn to at anytime of the day – the Internet! The Internet can be a helpful place, but it can also be hard to sift through the thousands of websites to find the ones that are actually relevant and useful.

The following list contains five websites that will make college students’ lives easier, organized and more efficient. – Rate My Professors is a website that allows students to read and write reviews about professors at their school. Students can rate their professor in three separate categories: easiness, helpfulness and clarity.

The students can also leave a short description of their experience in the class and what final grade they received.

In addition to allowing students to review and rate their professors there is also a section for professors to leave their feedback. This is a very useful website to have bookmarked but students should remember that each review should be taken with a grain of salt. – It should come as no surprise that college is full of writing. Most classes require at least two, if not more, papers to be completed during the semester. Once students get past the task of actually writing the paper they then need to set their sights on making sure that they have an accurate and clear bibliography. is here to help! EasyBib allows students to get help with MLA, APA and Chicago-style citations. There are guides to help students determine the most accurate way to cite a specific reference. In addition to the guides there is also a helpful generator which allows students to plug in the information about their source and allow the generator to create an accurate citation. – College students often have jam-packed schedules. In addition to classes, homework assignments and tests most college students also worry about jobs, extracurricular activities and trying to find the time to have a social life.

Amidst all the chaos it is important for students to find time to relax. The Quiet Place Project offers a website where people can take their minds off the worries of the world for just a little bit.

The page is navigated using only the space bar to keep it nice and simple. Each push of the space bar brings up a new line of text which explains The Quiet Place, why it is used and how it can benefit the user. It doesn’t take more than five minutes but can help improve a person’s mood tremendously. – Quizlet is a great website with many tools to aid students with their studies. Quizlet also allows students to make flashcard sets online. Once students have entered in all the terms and definitions they can then use flashcards, learning games and tests to help them with memorization.

One particularly useful mode is called test mode which allows students to select what types of questions they would like the website to generate using the terms they just entered. Students will have a choice of written, multiple choice, true or false and matching. Students can generate as many tests as they would like.

It’s a great website to have saved when a particularly vocabulary-heavy chapter arises in a college class. – Wunderlist is a great website that allows students to make online checklists. All the items on each checklist can be color-coded into different categories such as work, school, finances, clubs, etc.

Students can add their own categories as well to personalize the lists they make. Wunderlist also allows students the option to set reminders and due dates so they don’t get behind on what needs to be done. The lists can also be shared between classmates which can make completing group projects much easier because it allows students to see what has been done in a matter of seconds.

Wunderlist is available for Android and iPhone users, making it easy for students to take their lists on the go with them.


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