Design your own group outdoor adventure with the Weber State University Campus Recreation Outdoor Program’s Custom-Guided Adventures.

WSU Outdoor Custom Guided Adventure
WSU’s Campus Recreation Outdoor Program offers custom-guided adventures for a variety of outdoor activities, including cross country skiing. (Source: Daniel Turner)

Choose your activity and let a guide show you the best of what Ogden’s outdoors have to offer.

“Custom-guided adventures are really for any group,” said Daniel Turner, the Campus Recreation Outdoor Program coordinator. “Whether it’s a family reunion, a student group or just a custom corporate retreat, we do all of those.”

The adventures offered include, but are not limited to are: white water rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, snow shoeing, cross country skiing and back country skiing.

Ogden, in such proximity to the mountains, has numerous back country skiing options in the winter and white water rafting options in the summer months.

“You’re going to get the very best experience you can possibly get,” Turner said. “Your guide is going to have knowledge of the local area.  They’re also going to have an understanding of your skill sets before you come out on the trip and be able to customize the experience for your group.”

Turner says that these outdoor experiences can unite participating groups in a unique way and the custom-guided adventures are a great way to experience something new outdoors.

“You bring people together in a setting that’s uncomfortable, or maybe just outside of their comfort level a little bit,” Turner said. “They begin to trust a little bit more and they begin to communicate a little better. In doing that, we just see incredible teams form.”

Adventures range in price from $70 to $125 per person, depending on the activity and duration. All equipment is included in the fee.

Anthony Schryver, a field leader and guide for the custom-guided adventures, leads rock climbing trips. Schryver said he enjoys having the opportunity to take people on their first climb.

“Everybody remembers that first time that they did something new and exciting that hooked them in,” Schryver said. “I remember the first time I went out climbing, and that was it for me. I knew that I was going to be doing this for a long time.”

Schryver said that activities in the outdoors can be a learning experience for many people.

“In climbing, you’re learning a lot that’s going to keep you from hitting the ground,” Schryver said. “It’s something that’s scary for a lot of people, so you’re facing those fears and finding out that you can really overcome them, which I think helps you out as a person.”

Zach Golden is a guide for water and some snow activities. Golden said he likes being able to introduce people to the outdoor hobbies that he loves.

“Giving people experiences that you enjoy is great,” Golden said. “It’s also just awesome to see people get out and experience new things.”

Groups can register for a custom-guided adventure at the Outdoor Program in annex 9, online at or over the phone by calling 801-626-6373.

“With all of our adventures, whether you’re looking for a day trip or a multiday trip, we can customize it,” Turner said. “In general, you just get an elevated experience by going out with someone who is a qualified guide.”

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