Cookie dough flavored Italian Soda, is just one of the many flavored Italian sodas to choose from Beans and Brews. (Source: Ariana Berkemeier)
Cookie dough-flavored Italian Soda is just one of the many flavored Italian sodas to choose from at Beans and Brews. (Source: Ariana Berkemeier)

Have you ever gone into a coffee shop but didn’t actually buy coffee? As a coffee addict myself, this has happened more than once.

Luckily, there are many other kinds of drinks at coffee shops that have no coffee in them, but still taste delicious. Here are my favorites:

Italian soda:

Before I set foot into the coffee shop Beans and Brews, I had never heard of Italian soda. Turns out, their Italian soda was so delicious that it was enough to keep me going back. It doesn’t matter what flavor you get, they all taste amazing.

Are you wondering what Italian soda is? Well, it’s basically a mixture of carbonated water and syrup and, in my opinion, it’s probably a little healthier than regular soda. I can promise if you walk into Beans and Brew and you don’t want coffee, but you’re not sure what else to get, you won’t go wrong with an Italian soda.

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate:

Hot chocolate and salted caramel is an irresistible combination. I love pretty much anything salted caramel-flavored, so when I first found out there was a such thing as Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate I pretty much died and went to heaven.

A Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate from Starbucks definitely fits the phrase “Christmas in a cup.” On a cold, chilly day there is nothing better than sipping on warm cup of hot chocolate. If you’re like me and love salted caramel everything, then you’ll absolutely loves this.

Frozen lemonade:

A sweet, refreshing lemonade is delicious by itself, but when it’s made frozen it’s even better.

Beans and Brews blends ice and lemonade together to make for a sweet, mouthwatering frozen treat. You can choose whether you want it just the original lemonade flavor, raspberry, strawberry or pomegranate, depending on the season. I say anything with pomegranate flavoring is scrumptious, but raspberry would also be a wise choice.

Teavana Oprah Chai Tea Latte:

Whether it’s iced or hot, Starbucks’ Teavana Oprah Chai Tea Latte is to die for. I originally thought Teavana, a specialty tea and tea accessory store, was the only place I could get Oprah-brand Chai Tea Latte, but luckily Starbucks now sells it.

Since winter is coming and the days are getting colder and colder, getting a nice, warm chai tea latte may be the way to go.

Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher:

Starbucks’ Refreshers may have a little coffee extract in them but they taste nothing like coffee. The Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher is my absolute favorite. They also come in Cool Lime and Valencia Orange but I say the Very Berry Hibiscus is the way to go.

The term “refresher” says it all, because once you take a sip of the Refresher you’ll instantly feel refreshed. The baristas put real berries in it and it’s perfect for a simple, afternoon boost.


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