It’s back to school time Wildcats, which means busy schedules filled with classes and work. As summer vacation comes to an end, I reflect on the amazing summer I spent in California.

Having been born in raised in California, I’ve been pretty accustomed to all the sites and wonders this diverse state has to offer. However, this summer, I decided to make the most of the time in the sunshine state and go out on adventures to explore all of the the beautiful scenery California possesses.

I travelled to Santa Barbara, where I found an exclusive camping site, Jamala Beach. This beach, unlike most beaches in California, has some of the calmest waters and the most uniquely looking shells. It was especially extraordinary to find the beach and witness the sunset while walking down the shoreline.

During this summer, I also went on a sailing trip to Catalina Island with my best friends. We spent 3 days living on a sail boat, docked on a morey at Two Harbors Cove. There was so much to do and experience on the island. We went on hiking trips, kayak rides and even snorkeled underwater in the cove.

Lastly, I went on numerous hikes around the city, specifically one where you can take a route that parallels the Hollywood sign and the entire valley below.


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