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Every Friday in October, the Eccles Community Art Center will be having a showcase to display local painters, potters and more. Local artists will be exhibiting their talents in their October showcase every Friday. The exhibits include a number of statewide competitions each year, which are open to resident Utah artists.

Artist Craig Haaser says that the inspiration for his pieces came from nature and the mountains of Ogden. “I’m excited because I get to live in a beautiful place that is always changing, and it allows my inspiration to flourish and come out,” he said.

The Eccles House was built in 1893 for James Clarence Armstrong, an Ogden businessman. In 1896, the house was purchased by David and Bertha Eccles. It owes much of its character to David, Bertha and the twelve Eccles children, who occupied it for 50 years, according to the website’s history page.

The Eccles Community Art Center tries to support artists by giving them a space to provide art. They provide a place where people can showcase their pieces for no profit and let local citizens purchase them.

Not only does the center offer local artists a place to display their work, but they also offer classes on subjects such as visual, literary and performing arts. The center supports artists by allowing them to teach their classes there.

The classes offered are unique, like African drumming, African dance and Tai Chi. The center also provides dance, health and wellness classes.

Always present at any Ogden Festival, the Eccles Community Art Center emphasizes the importance of community involvement.

“We are trying to make Ogden more of a happening place again. We provide a place for other local people who teach as well,” said Leslie Trimble, the Eccles Community Art Center Curator of Education.

The Eccles Community Art Center only charges commission for the different performing art shows and different classes. While the students do have to pay a small tuition fee, the teachers have their spots for free.

Helping the teachers in the Ogden community is another of the center’s initiatives. They help teachers in local schools get art into their curriculum with the help of Weber County Schools. The center provides art classes for children, allowing them to creatively express themselves.

Many students have to volunteer as part of a requirement for a class. The Eccles Community Art Center makes it possible for anyone to earn volunteer hours. The center also welcomes those who have been court-ordered to do community service.

The Eccles Community Art Center has a history of including art in everything they do. There is rarely a time when The Eccles Community Art Center has no events planned, but when they don’t, they are always helping the local schools. For more information go to http://www.ogden4arts.org/

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