There’s no question that a phone is a student’s best friend and it reflects the personality of the owner. Therefore, it is important to choose the best phone.

For the most part there are really only two kinds of phones: iPhone, from Apple and Android, from Google. The two have been in competition to be in your pocket for some time now. In case you’re still on the fence of the big debate, here are some major differences between these two phones.

Source: MCT
Before purchasing a new phone, it’s good to know which devise will work the best for you. Source: MCT


For those of you in the Computer Science major, Java is a programming language that you will learn. Lucky for you, the Android system runs on this platform.

If you know or want to learn about Java and how to create apps, then the Android is for you. Java runs on more devices than just Android, so that skill will go with you anywhere.

Apple has its own language as well but it is a specialized language that you have to learn separately from Java. As such, you will need to learn more coding language in order to create apps for the iPhone.


iPhone is the better phone for apps because it has been out on the market longer.

As always, there will be some apps that you can’t get on an Android and vice versa. Overall, if you want an app that is popular such as Facebook or Twitter, it is going to be on both. For those smaller and less well known apps, the Android is probably your best choice.

Memory space

When it comes to internal memory for those fun little apps like Angry Birds and Instagram, the iPhone is the right choice. With space up to 128 gigabytes you can have lots of fun apps and still have room for pictures of that meal you had the other day.

Android is not that great when it comes to memory space. In order to have the space you want, you will need to invest in an SD Micro card to put your tunes and funny cat videos on.

Picture quality

Speaking of Instagram and food pictures, which is better at taking pictures? This is hard to say as both types of phones can shoot at 1080 high definition. It just depends on what and when you find yourself taking pictures.

In this case, the iPhone does great during the day, while the Android does better overall.

Power cables

So here’s the thing about cables, the iPhone has a cable that is only for the iPhone. It can’t be used on older models, or other older versions of your Apple products.

Android however, has a universal cable that can be used with any Android phone as long as it’s not torn or frayed in any way.


Ah yes, the price. The only way to get the best iPhone is to fork over a lot of money, so most Android phones run for less. There are Androids that are the same price as the iPhone as well. However, in general an Android is going to run you less than the iPhone will.

This generalization does not include fees, prices for data plans, wireless plans and phone plans.

When it comes to choosing a phone, it’s important to know what each phone can and cannot do. It is also important to know what you would like to be able to use your phone for. Also, it doesn’t hurt to be realistic about what type of money you’re willing to spend. Whatever the case, may the phone you choose be the phone you want.

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