During the lunchtime hour on Tuesdays, the air in the Shepherd Union Building sounds just a bit sweeter. This is all thanks to Weber State’s Center for Diversity & Unity’s “Sessions on the Ledge” series. Show times are from noon to 1 p.m. every Tuesday in the Union Atrium.

Micah Payan performing on the ledge last Tuesday.  (Derrick Gainsforth / The Signpost)
Micah Payan performing on the ledge last Tuesday. (Derrick Gainsforth / The Signpost)

Running for over five years, “Sessions on the Ledge” has become a staple for Weber State’s singers, poets and performing artists to hone their craft. Interested students fill out the mandatory online signup sheet to be examined by the Diversity board. Approved acts are then given a date to perform throughout the semester. Any Weber State student may submit an application and are highly encouraged to do so.

“Many students have signed up to perform and all the people I have had so far have been great and amazingly talented,”Chairperson Bahar Alimadadi said. Alimadadi stressed the importance of more students taking advantage of the chance to perform for their peers. “[It’s] an opportunity for students to express themselves and to showcase their talents … It is a great way to get some exposure as well as builds confidence for students to perform,” Alimadadi said.

Winner of the 2014 Kaysville Idol, Micah Payan was the latest student to perform on the ledge. With just an acoustic guitar and her soulful voice, Payan produced soft renditions of Goo Goo Doll’s hit, “Iris,” and “Pity party” by Melanie Martinez. Payan understands the opportunity “Sessions on the Ledge” provides for Weber State students.

“Performing at [Weber State] is really a great experience. It’s comfortable and laid back and overall just a great way to share music,” Payan said. “There are so many ways to explore art or athletics or leadership at [Weber State] and it’s amazing to be able to participate in something you are passionate about.”

Aspiring for a chance to be heard, Payan knows the struggles student artists go through. Encouraging students to follow in her footsteps, Payan said, “I think students should get involved to just really see what [Weber State] has to offer. Ogden is such a cultured city and is really growing in its music and art scene and I think [Weber State] is a great representation of that.

Communications major, Taylor Winnie is a senior at Weber State. As a former “Sessions on the Ledge” chairperson, Winnie has seen many unique performances over the years. “[It] is special because you get to see just how talented the people in Ogden are. Everyone is special and unique,” she said.

She also noted the sense of community from the performances and performers alike. “The people who donate their time to [it] are incredible … everyone brought something different to the table and it was truly a showcase of diversity,” she said.

Winnie encouraged students to sign up and stressed the benefits of getting involved, “It would benefit the students at [Weber State] to get involved because they would have the opportunity to share what they can do with their peers … Involvement helps life on campus to be a lot more fun.”

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