Meytal Cohen holding a copy of her band's first album. Credit: Meytal Cohen/Outerloop
Meytal Cohen holding a copy of her band’s first album. Source: Meytal Cohen/Outerloop

Get ready to let your hair down and scream–Meytal is coming to rock your face off. On Feb. 4, heavy metal act Meytal will be performing at In The Venue in Salt Lake City. Tickets are $25 in advance or $30 at the door.

Meytal isn’t your average rock act with the lead singer in the spotlight. All eyes on this band are looking at their drummer and YouTube star, Meytal Cohen. The Israeli born web sensation has been taking the Internet by storm for years and has now set her sights on rock stardom.

Cohen began her journey to fame in 2009, by simply playing drums on YouTube. Accompanied by a duo of electric violinists, Cohen produced a unique cover of System of a Down’s “Toxicity.” Her video has now gathered over 10 million views on YouTube. Describing the story on her official website, Cohen said, “After seeing the response to our toxicity video, I decided I was going to shoot [one hundred] drum covers and see what happens next.”

Now, over six years later, Cohen’s YouTube channel has nearly 1 million subscribers and a collective 142 million total views.

“Many amazing things have happened [and] are happening … I’m incredibly fortunate to be endorsed by the best music companies in the world, to have produced my very own instructional package for drummers, the Maximum Meytal, and for creating my first original album,” she said.

Cohen also credits her fans and supporters for all the success she has seen.

Cohen has also earned the respect of her mentors in the music industry. Drummer of progressive rock band Dream Theater Mike Portnoy said, ”I’ve been watching Meytal masterfully play other legendary drummer’s parts for years. Now it’s time for the world to begin watching her and learning her parts.”

In 2013, Cohen decided to transition her YouTube fame into one of a career musician. Calling on her legion of followers, Cohen looked to the crowd funding website Kickstarter. With a campaign titled “Breaking YouTube,” she raised over $144,000 in only one month’s time. Cohen recruited band members and began working on original music under the band name, Meytal.

In 2015, two years after the project began, Cohen and company released the album, “Alchemy.” Currently on their first national tour as the supporting act for Queensryche, Meytel Cohen is carving her legacy as one of the world’s most recognizable female drummers.

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