With spring comes an array of weather conditions, especially in Utah. Showers of rain or snow can unexpectedly disrupt plans for outdoor adventures. This brings up the age-old problem of what to do on a rainy day.

The natural response to gloomy skies and the soft pitter-patter of raindrops is to embrace the calm and laze the day away—take a bath, light a few candles and read your favorite book. Or submit to the seduction of a Netflix marathon and cuddle with a human of your choosing. Of course, you can always tap into your inner child and build a blanket fort to nap in.

4-15 Snowfall Photos-09251 2.jpg
Utah's fickle weather threatens the blossoms on our trees and flowers, while also keeping us stuck in doors. Photo credit: Signpost Archives

Being confined to the indoors also presents the perfect opportunity to check some things off of that never-ending to-do list. Cultivate your creativity to the soundtrack of Mother Nature. Finish that painting you started last year, get another chapter done in the book you are writing or finally level-up in your video game.

Invest in yourself by developing a new skill or etching out an hour to devise a five-year plan. Challenge yourself to learn a new recipe or find your center with yoga.

If damp days get you down, surround yourself with people you love. Get the gang together and have a movie marathon. Between “Harry Potter,” “Lord of the Rings” and Audrey Hepburn films, there are more than enough movie line-ups to fill the day.

Challenge your friends to a board game tournament and show everyone your mad Monopoly skills. You can also take time to step outside of your normal circle of friends and head up to the closest retirement home. Engage in conversation with someone who has had a lifetime of experiences, and listen to his or her stories.

Rainy days don’t always have to result in boredom or expensive movie tickets. Even if none of the suggestions above appeal to you, joy can always be found by “singin’ and dancin’ in the rain.”

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