For students trekking through spring semester, the final few weeks can cultivate feelings of insanity. That being said, the last thing they want to worry about is accidentally spending loads of money on the goods required to endure final projects and exams. However, with a little ingenuity and craft, one can assemble a finals week survival kit for under $20.

When putting together such a kit, certain elements are indispensable. In this instance, such components would include items that facilitate energy, hydration, fuel, study and movement.

Motivational items to keep you studying into the upcoming final weeks of the semester. Photo credit: Alexandra Harris


As studying stretches into the wee hours, an energy source becomes vital. For some, this might mean Mountain Dew, and for others it could be energy drinks or coffee. Along with the caffeine, it is important to remain hydrated, so having a refillable water bottle on hand is wise. This is likely to be the priciest piece of the kit, so buying in bulk or with coupons will help reduce costs.


With an increasingly strenuous study load, it can be easy to forget something as mundane as food. As it so happens, without fuel, a body will crash. Subsequently, snacks are equally as necessary as energy in the finals week survival kit.


Now that nourishment of the body has been addressed, it is time to tackle the main obstacle one faces during finals week—the mind. Memory is a fickle mistress, but with the assistance of flash cards and highlighters, it can be trained to a point. With as little as $5, one can obtain study materials that will aid in the survival of the harshest final exams.


Deep in the trenches of essays and notebooks, exercise is likely to be the last thing on a student’s mind. However, a little movement now and again can rejuvenate the dwindling desire to trudge on. Jump ropes are fairly inexpensive and offer a way to get the blood flowing, thereby revitalizing the mental muscles.

Surviving the last few weeks of the semester can certainly be a challenge, but there are resources available to make such a task possible. Crafting a finals week survival kit provides a one-stop shop for these life saving supplies. In addition to the prior components, a motivational poster is recommended. This can come in the form of adorable kittens or even Shia LaBeouf, but no matter the content, motivation is highly advised when facing the academic mountain of final exams.

Finals week rejuvenation kit for mind and body. Photo credit: Alexandra Harris
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