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Rolling out of bed after another late night of studying, you rummage through the nearest pile of clothing, hoping to find something presentable. A sniff test and spritz of Febreze later and you find yourself wading through stacks of books and homework in an attempt to find your backpack, which is wedged between a tower of empty pizza boxes and an overflowing trash can.

As a ray of sun peaks through the dust-caked blinds, suddenly your eyes are opened to the chaotic state of your living space. Spring is here, and deep cleaning has moved up on the agenda.

Whether you have your own home or live in the dorms, spring cleaning is a major undertaking. Here are some tips to conquer the clutter and possibly make cash in the process:


As with most things in life, developing a battle plan is crucial. Decide ahead of time exactly what needs to be cleaned and in what order.

Pro tip: Start from the top down. This prevents you from cleaning the same dust twice.

Gather your gear

Before starting, ensure you have all the proper equipment. Do you have sufficient sponges and towels, or are they old and smelly? Is your vacuum in working order? Make a list of what you will need and place your materials in a designated area for easy access.

Photo credit: Alexandra Harris

Sort your stuff

For ages, novice and expert organizers alike have been using the triple-threat cleaning system. The process is simple and effective. For everything you encounter as you clean, place it in one of three categories: keep, trash or donate. If you have hoarder tendencies, consider bringing in a friend to assist with the process.

Pro tip: Several second-hand stores pay for gently used clothing, so make the separation easier by earning cash back.

Enjoy the process

Once you dive into the debris you’ve accumulated throughout the winter, it is easy to get overwhelmed, so turn a tiresome chore into a fun and productive day by cranking up the tunes and belting out your favorite songs as you clean.

Pro tip: Bribe friends and family with food in return for help with big cleaning projects. As the adage goes, many hands make light work.

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