As this school year draws to a close, Weber looks toward the future. The new WSUSA leaders were inaugurated into office on April 15.

“Friends, students, Wildcats: Lend me your ears one last time,” said outgoing WSUSA President Cash Knight. “The beautiful thing about being in this position—at the top of this organization is that I can’t really take credit for anything, but I can kind of take credit for everything.”

Knight said that he isn’t solely responsible for things that happened during his presidency but that he is proud that he could oversee some things that happened this year.

WSUSA Senate
The 2016-17 WSUSA Senate leaders raise their hands to be sworn into office. Photo credit: Lindsey Parkinson

This year, WSUSA started the Student Philanthropy Board. The board created a scholarship in which alumni donations help new Wildcats attend college.

Knight also said that he is proud that he could foster the collaboration between university departments that aided in successful events such as the the last basketball game of the year when the Wildcats faced the University of Montana. That game had a successful turnout thanks to the alumni, LDSSA and the athletics department working together.

And lastly, Knight said that he couldn’t take credit for this, but that he was happy that it happened during his year as student body president: The new senate seat for gender equality sexual orientation.

Knight said it was hard for him to say goodbye but that he is proud of his time as WSU student body president.

“I think I’ve given everything I can to it,” Knight said. “And so it feels pretty good to be leaving knowing I’ve done everything I could for the organization and the university.”

The inauguration ceremony wasn’t just about saying goodbye. Faculty, friends and family members congregated in the Wildcat Theater to support the 2016–17 WSUSA senate and vice president leaders.

New Leadership Vice President Landon Bickley had his mom and girlfriend at the ceremony to support him.

“I’m the mom, and he’s a good man for the job,” Jodi Bickley said about her son.

Landon Bickley said that he is looking forward to next year.

“I feel good,” Bickley said. “It’s kind of a beginning of a new year and a new time in my life.”

Bickley started off as a volunteer for WSUSA in September. He said that he was at a point in his life where he wanted to do something new. Bickley said he fell in love with the job because he was meeting new people and making a difference at the school.

Bickley already has some goals for next year. He wants to pay it forward by helping students get involved and by helping people to become leaders here on campus, in the community and in their own lives.

Dr. Jan Winniford has been Vice President of Student Affairs for 10 years. She works closely with WSU’s student body presidents and the executive officers, and she tries to develop connections with all of the student leaders.

“What a joy it is to work with our student leaders,” Winniford said. “They’re absolutely top notch.”

Winniford said that many people don’t realize how much time and how hard the WSUSA team works.

“They have a passion for helping Weber State be the best university it can be,” Winniford said.

Although it’s too early to tell what next year’s leaders will focus on, Winniford said that she is constantly impressed with each new group.

“I’m always amazed at how every group of students seems to leave a mark in a unique way.” Winniford said.

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