There are few passions that will bring together individuals from across multiple generations, but Old Time Fiddlers has accomplished just that.

“I have been with Old Time Fiddlers for quite some time,” said Dan Doshier. “I played with a guy who was 112 years old and a girl who was 7 years old. Where else could you find a group that can get a 100-year-old and a 7-year-old talking together?”

One of Old Time Fiddlers’ main missions is to invite musicians from all ages to learn. And with chapters across the state of Utah, it’s not hard to find that learning opportunity almost anywhere.

The Ogden Chapter, in particular, provides a local connection as they meet right here on the Weber State University campus. Every first and third Saturday, you can find them located in Union Building, either in The Lair or the Fireplace Lounge. They encourage anyone who is interested to bring his or her own instrument and join in, no matter the skill level.

Members of the Old Time Fiddlers Ogden Chapter meet at Weber State University every first and third Saturday of the month. (Mathew Walker / The Signpost)

“It’s all about learning,” said Dave Dixon. “You could sit at home in your basement and play this music, but when you get out, you learn from others.”

Those who come to support their performances will be help keep alive a tradition that is quickly dying.

“This is the type of music that is threatened,” said Dixon. “It’s almost like a native language that is about to go away. I’ve heard many stories about how this music has connected people to ancestors like they never thought possible. It’s America and it connects generations.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Old Time Fiddlers, you can visit their website or attend one of their jam sessions on the first and third Saturday of the month. Membership to Old Time Fiddlers is $20 per person or $25 per family per a year, but to those who’ve joined think it’s a small price for a meaningful outcome.

“It’s not many places that you get to have fun and hang out with good people that have a rather unique taste in music,” Shawn Thompson said.

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