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The McKay-Dee surgery center opens across from Weber State University. (Source: McKay-Dee)

The McKay-Dee surgery center, across the street from Weber State University’s main campus, offers new technology for bones that are feeling old or sore.

Built at the site of the old McKay-Dee Hospital, the surgery center features operating rooms, a physical therapy center, physician clinic, imaging center and pharmacy.

“Everything is state-of-the art and could be compared to a smart home with all the latest electronics and surgical equipment,” Dr. Jeffrey Harrison, a surgeon at the new hospital said.

The center was built for two reasons, according to hospital officials: The first is that the old surgical center was outdated. Building the new site gave doctors and therapists the opportunity to upgrade all of their technology. Everything is electronic now, which allows doctors to view images on a high-definition TV screen in the operating room.

The second reason is for the well-being and care of the patients. In the past, patients would meet with their doctor, and then they would have to schedule a separate appointment across town with a physical therapist. Now, it can all be handled in house.

Dr. Harrison has seen the benefits.

In the past, I was only able to check on them maybe three times after surgery,” he said. “With the new flow of the building and such close access to other providers, I can see a post-operative patient 6 to 10 times.”

Tres Ferrin, an outreach coordinator and physical therapist at the center, spoke of the benefits from the therapist’s point of view.

“If we’re seeing a patient and we see a concern, like developing an infection or a blood clot, we can just walk over and grab the doctor,” he said. “The care is immediate, which is something we’ve never had before.”

One of the perks of the new center is the inclusion of two modern pools to aid in patient recovery.

“One of the pools features a zero-drop floor, which allows the pool floor to be raised and lowered,” Ferrin said. “This allows patients to walk out onto the floor, and they can be lowered into the pool. There are also cameras underneath which view the patient from different angles, so therapist can evaluate their progress.”

The entire floor of the pool is also a treadmill that can reach speeds up to 8 1/2 miles an hour and has two jets that create resistance.

“One of the uses is for those recovering from an ACL injury,” Ferrin explained. “Typically, those recovering from this type of injury can’t start running for three to four months, but in the pool, we can have them running in four to six weeks.”

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The McKay-Dee surgery center opens across from Weber State University. (Source: McKay-Dee)

The center also features its own MRI machine, which Ferrin said is a rare technology to find in any rehab facility but allows for more immediate patient care.

Not only is the technology state of the art, but so is the testing. Unique to the center is the Return to Sport program, which is designed to get athletes back to their particular sport.

“When we get an athlete that is injured, often we see a gap between the end of traditional therapy and that athlete’s ability to go back and compete,” Ferrin explained. “So when designing the program, we designed it to fill that gap.”

As an example, he said, “If you were a runner, we would have you on a treadmill doing specific things to address endurance and speed. If you were a jumper, we’d have you focusing on balance and explosion.”

As part of that program, the center has advanced treadmills that can reduce impact, can reach speeds of 26 miles per hour and can be inclined. There are also rubber, asphalt and grass surfaces on which to run.

The cost is minimal for the service as well. Ferrin said anyone can sign up for the rehab program, and it is only $15 for an hour with one of the therapist.

“We’re fortunate to have this center here in Ogden,” he said. “It really is a beautiful place and a win for the community.”

The center is open Monday through Friday. For further information, call 801-38-SPORTS.

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