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Forty-two students, five staff members, five professors and five Weber State organizations are in the final running for the 2017 Crystal Crest Awards.

The annual awards honor the best, brightest and most talented among the Weber community in a formal event patterned after the Academy Awards.

The nominees, family, friends and supporters will gather at 7 p.m. on April 15 in the Shepherd Union Ballrooms for the awards gala featuring Ryan Shupe & The RubberBand as the master of ceremonies and evening’s entertainment.

In addition to the 12 categories, for which nominees were interviewed and evaluated by various committees, the evening will include a Presidential Award given by Weber State President Chuck Wight.

The event is free.

The finalists, by category are:

Excellence in Inclusivity

Bret Alexander; Eddie Baxter; Lola Moli; Andrea Salcedo; Hallie Van Patten

Excellence in Inclusivity-2017
Finalists for the 2017 Crystal Crest Awards’ Excellence in Inclusivity, from left, Bret Alexander, Eddie Baxter, Lola Moli, Andrea Salcedo and Hallie VanPatten.

Woman of the Year

Bahar Alimadadi; Shaylee Avery; Chelsea Bybee; Jayme Prince; Aubrey Peterson

Woman of the Year
Finalists of 2017 Crystal Crest Awards Woman of the Year. From left, Bahar Alimadadi, Shaylee Avery, Chelsea Bybee, Jayme Prince and Aubrey Peterson.

Man of the Year

Benjamin Bigelow; Cody Brown; Cole Eckhardt; Jeffrey Henry; Parker Hughes

Man of the Year-2017
Finalists for the 2017 Crystal Crest Awards’ Man of the Year, from left, Benjamin Bigelow, Cody Brown, Cole Eckhardt, Jeffrey Henry and Parker Hughes.

Talent of the Year

Zachary Bliss; Erin Dominguez; Berklee Moss; Natasha Pruhs; Daniel Shaffer

Talent of the Year
Finalists for the 2017 Crystal Crest Awards Talent of the Year, from left, Zachary Bliss, Erin Dominguez, Berklee Moss, Natasha Pruhs and Daniel Schaffer.

Male Athletic Achievement

Stefan Cooper; Tre’von Johnson; Jason Kearns; Jeremy Senglin; Andrew Vollert

Male Athlete of the Year-2017
Finalists for the 2017 Crystal Crest Awards’ Male Athletic Achievement, from left, Stefan Cooper, Tre’von Johnson, Jason Kearns, Jeremy Senglin and Andrew Vollert.

Female Athletic Achievement

Ellie Child; Tawnie Moore; Deeshyra Thomas; Megan Thompson; Aubrey Whitmer

Female Athletic Achievement-2017
Finalists for the 2017 Crystal Crest Awards’ Female Athletic Achievement, from left, Ellie Child, Tawnie Moore, Deeshyra Thomas, Megan Thompson and Aubrey Whitmer.

Volunteer Service

Paige Dilmore; Livvy Gerrish; Rylan Holmberg; Isaac Marshall; Mackenzie Stokes

Volunteer Service
Finalists for the 2017 Crystal Crest Award for Volunteer Service, from left, Paige Dilmore, Livvy Gerrish, Rylan Holmberg, Isaac Marshall and Mackenzie Stokes.

Scholar of the Year

Marta Alvear Bravo; Jaclyn Bott; Brady Gibson; Ryan Gross; Tanner Telford

Scholar of the Year-2017
Finalists for the 2017 Crystal Crest Awards’ Scholar of the Year, from left: Marta Alvear Bravo, Jaclyn Bott, Brady Gibson, Ryan Gross and Tanner Telford.

Wildcat Achievement

Hannah Smith; Marissa Questereit

Wildcat Achievement
Finalists for the 2017 Crystal Crest Awards Wildcat Achievement, from left, Hannah Smith and Marissa Questereit.

Registered Organization of the Year

Black Scholars United; Future Educators Association; Latinos in Action; Student Alumni Association; Society of Women Engineers

Finalists for the 2017 Crystal Crest Awards’ Registered Organization of the Year are the Black Scholars United, Future Educators Association, Latinos in Action, Student Alumni Association and Society of Women Engineers.,

Friend of Students

Chelsea Burns; Jackie Edwards; Teresa Martinez; Monica Rodriguez Mesa; Betty Sawyer

Friend of Students-2017
Finalists for the 2017 Crystal Crest Awards’ Friend of Students, from left, Chelsea Burns, Jackie Edwards, Teresa Martinez, Monica Rodriguez Mesa and Betty Sawyer.

Master Teacher

John Armstrong; Cynthia Beyond; Nicola Corbin; Jeremy Farner; Jean Norman

Master Teacher-2017
Finalists for the 2017 Crystal Crest Awards’ Master Teacher, from left, John Armstrong, Cynthia Beynon, Nicola Corbin, Jeremy Farner and Jean Norman.

The Crystal Crest Awards are sponsored by Student Involvement and Leadership.

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