The Weber State University Student Association hosted several different activities and events throughout the year that demonstrated their desire to unite students and improve current programs.

“It’s about constantly trying to improve,” said Greg Woodfield, WSUSA president. “I feel that we do a really great job of talking about things, but we need to hold the things we talk about constantly to the highest priority. … We want to unify all students, so they feel more comfortable here.”

In March, WSUSA hosted Weber’s Got Talent, a competition where students showcased their talents in hopes of winning a cash prize of $500. The event was well-attended by student association standards.

Sasha Pressley sings on March 17 at Weber's Got Talent, a well-attended event by student association standards. (Dalton Flandro / The Signpost)

In comparison, other events, such as the ’90s dance, were not well-attended and were viewed as learning opportunities to improve future events. By determining what improvements could be made, WSUSA was able to make small changes and plan for the future.

One discussion the WSUSA Executive Board members made, which developed from past decisions, had to do with the entire student association meeting twice a week.

“I really like our weekly meetings,” said Noor Muhammed, programming vice president. “I get so much time to bond with my own team. I like it because I get to see everyone’s face that I don’t normally get to see.”

On top of several deliberations concerning meeting times, WSUSA made several attempts this year to create a more unified university environment between the Ogden and Davis campuses.

By hosting several large events at the Davis campus (e.g. Laser Tag and Colorfest), WSUSA used activities to get students of all types to feel more unified as they tried to eliminate the idea that one campus is superior to the other.

WSU Color Fest 3-30-2017  (89 of 91).JPG
Students are covered in colored chalk following Colorfest at the Davis Campus on March 30. (Dalton Flandro / The Signpost)

“The Student Involvement and Leadership at Davis is different, but sometimes, I feel that we get in the way of each other,” Woodfield said. “I think it would be beneficial, for us, and even future leaders, to get an understanding on the workings and programming at the Davis campus.”

Although the efforts of WSUSA may not always have proved fruitful, their mission was to help the students of WSU feel more welcome, involved and included as they found extracurricular opportunities during their busy schedules.

The WSUSA Executive Board went through some trouble during the year as they had debates over closed meetings, Senate relations and a functional elections committee. These issues have now been resolved and, by fixing these problems, have been the result of more open meetings, better communication and an elections committee that acted quickly to get ready for the student government elections.

After elections were over, newly appointed WSUSA president Lola Moli expressed her desire to further unite the campus and improve WSU’s environment during the upcoming year.

“Students have a voice at this campus, maybe even better than at any other campus here in Utah,” Moli said. “Weber State University is amazing. It’s a commuter college. I know the barriers and things that get in the way. But at Weber State University, the voice of a student makes a difference.”

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