1. The White House requested $________ from Congress in immediate aid for the Hurricane Harvey aftermath.

a. $7.9 billion

b. $8.3 billion

c. $7.1 billion

A fire truck passes by burning brush along La Tuna Canyon Road, closed to traffic, in the Verdugo Mountains north of Los Angeles on Sept. 2. (Irfan Khan/Los Angeles Times/TNS)

2. Californian record-breaking La Tuna wildfire has burned approximately how many acres just north of downtown Los Angeles?

a. 5,000 acres

b. 7,000 acres

c. 8,000 acres

3. Hundreds of thousands of “dreamers” will be affected by the decision to take away _______, a program founded by former President Barack Obama in 2012.




Lung Hui Chen pushes Manuel Terrazas in a wheelbarrow across flooded streets as local residents clear out damaged homes in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, in the Millwood subdivision of Fort Bend County, Texas, on Sept. 2. (Marcus Yam/Los Angeles Times/TNS)

4. What new hurricane has been growing in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in the wake of Hurricane Harvey?

a. Hurricane Irena

b. Hurricane Ivy

c. Hurricane Irma

5. What dangerous virus could potentially treat brain cancer?

a. Ebola

b. Zika

c. Influenza

6. The Danish company, Lego, has recently cut _____ jobs as sales plummet.

a. 1,400

b. 800

c. 2,000


1. A. The Trump administration has been working to get $7.9 billion in immediate aid to the people affected by Hurricane Harvey. $7.9 billion is only a small portion of the entire funding request of $100 billion or more in total.

“As tough as this was, it’s been a wonderful thing,” Trump said. “It’s been very well received. We’re signing a lot of documents now to get money.”

2. B. The La Tuna wildfire has burned 7,000 acres in Los Angeles, according to NBC News. It is the largest fire in LA history, burning up thousands of acreages in such a short amount of time.

No injuries have been reported, and only a few structures were destroyed in the blaze. The fire was 30 percent contained the morning of Sept. 4 with 10–15 mph winds wreaking havoc on clean-up jobs.

3. A. President Donald Trump decided to begin removing the immigration protections afforded by DACA, according to ArcaMax.

Some say he is acting according to the law of the country, while others are unsure of the future of immigrant children in the country. More than 800,000 people’s lives are left hanging in the balance because of this decision.

4. C. Category 5 Hurricane Irma is brewing in the Atlantic Ocean, only 180 miles east of Antigua, according to the Orlando Sentinel. Upon making landfall in Barbuda on Sept. 5, Irma left a trail of destruction as it made its way toward the Florida coast, according to the New York Times.

The hurricane’s power is fluctuating back and forth, but the National Hurricane Center is sure it will be strong heading into the week.

5. B. Most animal tests have shown Zika to shrink highly aggressive brain tumors successfully, according to BBC News. This isn’t a new approach to treating cancer, but using an odd virus similar to the Zika virus could lead to discoveries in medicine.


6. A. Lego fired 1,400 workers from their company as of Sept. 5, according to BBC News. That is eight percent of the entire employee system, and it is a major hit to this once successful business.

This past year’s revenue has fallen five percent, with profits down three percent. Lego told BBC, “In the U.S. and Europe, our sales have declined, although we are working hard with our partners to regain momentum.”

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