The Weber State University Stewart Library annual book sale began on Nov. 9, the first to follow the library’s $20 million renovation.

Students browse a range of subjects during the Nov. 9 Stewart Library book sale. (Photo by Ashton Corsetti).

Curator of University Archives & Digital Collections Jamie Weeks said this sale was smaller than in previous years. The library’s 15-month renovation, which ended at the start of the fall semester, prevented last year’s sale because of the limited space to store materials and set up tables.

Despite this year’s difficulties, Weeks hopes the library will still serve their mission of the book sale — to pass down books to Weber State students and the Weber community for a discounted price.

The items sold were primarily from library donations or outside community members. The revenue from the sale will be used to purchase new books that fit into Stewart Library’s collection.

(Photo by Ashton Corsetti).

Jenny Frame, community partner coordinator for the Center for Community Engaged Learning, said the items makes Weber’s book sale more unique. Besides books, this sale offered videotapes, reusable bags, CDs and piano sheet music.

“I never see (these items) in a normal book sale,” Frame said.

Along with the unique collection of items, Weber State student Jessica Cairo said the discounts were too good to pass up.

“With these great deals and the large variety, there is a book or piece for everyone,” Cairo said.

Frame and Cairo said they wished there was more promotion for the book sale. Both found out about the sale from coworkers and classmates.

With more promotion, the sale could have more buyers and donors. Students may even get free items in the sale, like a magazine of late First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, which Frame saw another customer purchase.

“Since there is a book for everyone, I think promoting the sale can bring in more people and book donors,” Cairo said. “I even put the book sale on my SnapChat to let people know about it.”

Frame was appreciative of the library staff’s assistance during the sale, as well as the ability to pay with either cash or card.

“All of the library staff were helpful (and) patient,” Frame said. “They made my experience very special, and I recommend everyone to go.”

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