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Your voice can be heard. Get published in The Signpost.

In honor of the International Day of Words on Nov. 23, The Signpost is holding a flash fiction contest. Send your entries to thesignpost@weber.edu with your name and the title of your flash fiction piece by Nov. 26. The winner will receive a $20 gift card to Amazon, and the top three entries will be featured in The Signpost. Entries must be 100 words or less.

César Egido Serrano believes words have the power to heal humanity’s woes and are capable of fostering peace between enemies. He is the founder of the César Egido Serrano Foundation, the Museo de la Palabra and the International day of words.

On Nov. 23, 2009, the Museo de la Palabra in Spain — or Museum of Words — was established. With its birth, the International Day of Words was created.

Every year, the museum holds a Flash Fiction Contest. Participants may submit stories in English, Spanish, Arabic and Hebrew, as long as they stories are 100 words and less.

The grand prize for a first place entry is $20,000, with two runner ups each receiving $2000.

Flash fiction writing is a skill centering on an author’s ability to adeptly develop a plot, characters, conflict and resolution within a limited space. Typically, any story shorter than 1,500 words is considered flash fiction, and savvy flash fictioners create stories as concise and succinct as possible.

In the 1980s, editors Robert Shapard and James Thomas published stories shorter than 2,000 words in the “Sudden Fiction” series, and the popularity of flash fiction has increased since then.

Numerous websites, blogs and organizations hosting competition and featuring a range of contestants’ work. “The New Yorker”, “Esquire” and “National Public Radio” have conducted contests for flash fiction.

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