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The Study Abroad Fair helps students find the study experience of a lifetime. On Jan. 31 the Weber State University study abroad department held the fair in the Shepherd Union building.

Aimee Golden, the fair’s organizer, said they hold the fair during this time in the semester because most students are on campus and openings for study abroad programs are still available for the summer.

The purpose of the fair is to meet with students face-to-face and answer questions they might have about the different paths within the program,
Golden said.

The department offers the options to study abroad for long-term exchanges, faculty-led programs and funding opportunities for both.

Golden said she believes studying abroad allows students to experience different cultures and pushes them out of their comfort zones while learning new subjects.

Weber State has partnerships around the world for exchange programs including art, computer science and business. Eric Hunter represented the Goddard School of Business and Economics at the fair and provided information about exchanges all over the world for business students.

“We want to show students that there are opportunities that exist outside of Utah,” Hunter said. “If you take the time, plan it right and go abroad you really gain a global perspective that’s invaluable.”

Sociology professor Dr. Huiying Hill is an advisor for the study abroad program in China. Students can have a versatile learning experience while abroad, said Hill. Students not only experience a new culture but they learn and research different subjects while abroad.

Weber State student Dane Ericksen lived in Denmark before coming to school but wants to go back. He is currently studying computer science and hopes to learn digital design while abroad.

Until he came to the fair, Ericksen was not sure where to get the information he needed to study abroad.

“Within 15 minutes, I knew everything that I needed to do,” Ericksen said. “Plus, I got a free t-shirt.”

Weber State currently has over 20 study abroad programs available for spring and summer semester.

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