Conquering the struggles of college can be challenging, especially for those with a disability. Fortunately for students with disabilities at Weber State University, services and accommodations are made for them.


Don Guthrie, Director for Disability Services at WSU, focuses on creating student specific accommodations for those who need them.

“We individually assess any student that comes to us that has a disability and determine what kind of accommodations would be appropriate.” Guthrie said.

Guthrie, who uses a wheelchair, understands what the challenges are for those with a disability.

“For each individual student with a disability, it is different what they have to deal with,” Guthrie said. “We have to document their information, figure out the disability and identify barriers related to their coursework.”

Disability Services can make accommodations for those who not only suffer from a physical disability, but for those who may have mental or psychological disabilities.

Accommodations include interpreters, textbooks in an alternative format, testing in a room with limited distraction, assignment alternatives and accessibility to essential areas. The center is open to all students who require assistance and their goal is to help students with disabilities succeed academically.

Disability Services can then create alternatives for the student. Depending on the circumstances, examples include modifying the assignment or assigning an alternative that fulfills the requirement.

Guthrie is assured that professors and faculty are willing to make the necessary accommodations for their students.

WSU student Santiago Bernal, was unaware of the services and accommodations that WSU provides for those with disabilities.

“I didn’t know that they offered these services on campus,” Bernal said. “It’s nice to know that these services are available to anyone who needs them.”

Bernal believed that creating awareness for student aid like Disability Services can help students who may be affected.

Hayden Peterson, another WSU student, agrees with Bernal that these services can help those who suffer from a disability to succeed during their college experience.

Peterson knows students who have benefitted from the services and accommodations that the Disability Services provide. He urges other students to seek assistance if they need it.

“They have good people who work there and they do their job well,” Peterson said. “They want to make sure that you can succeed, no matter what.”

WSU’s Disability Services, located at the Student Services Center at the Ogden campus, provide registration and information for those who have disabilities. WSU’s Davis Campus has disability services located in Building D2 in room 256.

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