In exchange for heavy tuition and busy schedules while attending college, you will gain access to more than an education, You will also gain access to a student ID card, called a “Wildcat card.” It’s a small, rectangular piece of plastic that enables far more than free entrance into basketball games.

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Some of the perks of having access to a student ID card are expected and less exciting. It works as a library card, allows you to use the physical education facilities, is an entrance pass to testing centers and allows you to print in the computer lab.

It is important to keep your card close by at all times. Not only will it make campus life easier, it will also benefit your off-campus life.

Having a student ID card will allow you to obtain a free UTA pass which is usable for the local bus system, Trax (Salt Lake’s street car system) and the Frontrunner (Northern Utah’s train system).

Not only will you be able to travel from Ogden to Provo for free by taking the Frontrunner, but you will avoid the competitive parking lots and receive bragging rights for doing your part to better the environment by putting one less car on the roads.

“I think riding the bus can get a bad rep,” said WSU student Candice Lemmon. “It is definitely not as scary as you think it would be, and it’s a reliable source of transportation.”

Ethan Bell said he thought riding the bus would take extra time and be an undesirable situation. Bell was surprised when the trip from his home to school took the same amount of time as it did when he drove.

“It’s also great because I save gas and the environment at the same time,” Bell said.

In addition to a UTA pass students with a current ID card acquire free admittance into multiple museums located in downtown Salt Lake City. Ticket prices which range from nine to $15 are dismissed at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, the Utah Museum of Natural History and a discounted price at The Leonardo.

That is not where the perks of carrying a student ID end. If you enjoy crispy chicken from Chick-Fil-A, the way the denim fits at Madewell or developing your political opinions through reading The Washington Post you are in luck because all of these businesses offer discounts for WSU student ID holders.

“Honestly, I just learned about all of the perks the student ID has,” said Sydnie Knowlton, a WSU sophomore, “I wish I had been taking advantage of them since day one. You can save a lot of money at most restaurants and clothing stores if you just ask about the discount.”

Taking advantage of the benefits from your student ID card will allow you to sit back and enjoy the simple things, save the environment as well as money for the spring break trip you’ve been day dreaming about since middle school. Don’t forget to ask for student discounts when booking your hotel room—Caesars Palace might just knock off 10% of your total cost.

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