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Some would say I have never been a well-adjusted individual. Maybe they’re right. After all, we do work together for long hours of the day and spend an uncomfortable amount of time together copy-editing articles every Wednesday and Friday.

However, I would argue that college has worn away at my sanity for the two years I’ve been here, especially this semester. Lying awake at night, dreading the following morning because I may have forgotten an assignment is now part of my nightly routine.

I have pleasant dreams though, so that’s a positive.

To be fair, this is my own fault. Eighteen credit hours and two part-time jobs is a bit much for anyone, and it was my choice to pursue two degrees. Still, if I can have a captive audience, only to warn them about what not to do in college, then so help me, I will help you, optimistic freshmen.

First, don’t be like me with eighteen credit hours and two jobs. It’s okay to take longer to graduate if that means you won’t be laughing hysterically every time someone asks you if you’re stressed. I do that, and this is probably why people think I have a collection of dead bodies in my basement. I don’t have a collection of dead bodies in my basement, but people think I do.

Understand how your classes go together. Don’t be like me and take pre-calculus in the summer semester and wait an entire semester before taking calculus I. Take them right after each other. Get them out of the way. Otherwise, you’ll be staring at the paper, screaming internally because you can’t remember the sine of two pi.

Also, anxiety might start to loom over your shoulder. Don’t worry. This is normal. All you need to do is not feed it copious amounts of caffeine. Caffeine makes it stronger, which is a bit of a shame because I need coffee to survive. But so long as you don’t give in, the anxiety should be only a small shadow looming over you.

If at some point anxiety and depression start using you as a punching bag, it’s completely fine to take a mental health day. Take advantage of the stress relief center on campus, talk to friends or burn some old homework in a safe, responsible way. I personally like to burn candles and take a nice bubble bath while listening to murder podcasts, but to each their own.

But the most important thing to remember, young freshmen, is Weber State University provides you with someone to talk to when it gets to be too much. I can’t emphasize how useful the Counseling and Psychological Services Center is. And it’s free. Every year, every student at Weber State gets 12 free sessions with a mental health professional. There are also many resources for specific problems, like ADHD, anxiety, depression and many more.

The crux of the matter is that anxiety, depression and other negative emotions are going to happen in college, but don’t let these things control your life. It’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay to take a break. Weber State has resources so that you can finish college. You just have to realize when it’s time to use those resources.

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