Weber State University alumnus Shaun McBride, better known as the YouTuber Shonduras, will be speaking at WSU with social media specialist Derral Eves about how students can make their degrees match their ambitions.

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Shaun McBride will speak to students about making their degrees match their passions. Photo credit: Katy Packer

This is in part because members of Studio 76, WSU’s on-campus digital media team, volunteered at a video convention founded by Eves called VidSummit in October 2017.

“VidSummit is a conference where creators and innovators gather to share ideas and things they’ve learned, like how to get a million followers on YouTube or how to handle brand deals,” Mitch Lawson, Studio 76 executive producer, said. “Derral Eves, the man behind the event and the YouTube guru, actually ended up hiring three of the students who volunteered.”

Eves noticed the hard work of the student volunteers and wanted to come to WSU to personally thank them and hold this event.

Eves will speak alongside McBride about making your degree fit your passion and how their experiences can help students pursue their goals.

Watching their videos is awesome, but learning from them in person is even better,” Katy Packer, online content manager for Studio 76, said. “This is going to be such a great place to learn how to use your degree to get a job that you want, make your content successful and how to market yourself.”

Members of Studio 76 expect the event to be an effective way to help students understand how to achieve their desires.

Caitlyn Johnston, social media director for Studio 76, expressed excitement for the event.

“I am excited that Shonduras is coming because he is an expert in the digital space and really knows how to work the system.” Johnston said. “Derral Eves is the man behind the strategy, he knows the ins and outs of creating engaging videos.”

The event will not be a lecture, but a discussion between attendees and speakers.

Packer suggests that attendees use this as an opportunity to learn more about what McBride and Eves have to offer.

“Come ready to learn and ask questions,” Packer said. “Shaun and Derral are both pros on anything digital media, marketing, public relations and business-related.”

Both McBride and Eves have made an impression on their followers as social media experts.

“Derral Eves and Shonduras are working the field like no other, and it is amazing that we have the ability to pick their brains and listen to them speak on campus,” Johnston said.

McBride’s YouTube channel has amassed over 1.2 million subscribers. His videos and Snapchat stories have gained popularity due to his unique artistic abilities and his extraordinary adventures. He has worked with brands such as Disney, Samsung, Google and Taco Bell to create unique social media strategies.

Eves is one of the world’s top YouTube, online video marketing, and social media experts and consultants. He works to help budding content creators on YouTube achieve success through the platform. He also founded VidSummit, of which McBride is an active partner, and shares all his strategies on stage.

The free event is on April 16 at 2:30 p.m. at WSU’s Wildcat Theater in the Shepherd Union Building.

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