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Sick of staying up until midnight to register for classes? Now, you won’t have to.

When registering for classes, students would often stay up until midnight to sign up for required classes with limited seats or popular classes they wanted to take. However, come summer registration, times open at 7 a.m. instead.

The Office of Registrar, which oversees registration, made the change to ensure registration is convenient and easy.

Students are assigned an appointment time, which indicates the date they can register for both fall and spring semesters. The time is based on earned credit hours and whether the student falls within a special registration group.

According to the Registrar’s Office, making the change wasn’t difficult; it was just a matter of changing some settings in the database system.

Dr. Casey Bullock, University Registrar, said that he has struggled with the idea that registration would open at midnight. It created inconvenience for students since the Registrar staff wouldn’t be available to answer questions or help solve problems that arose while students registered so early in the morning. Bullock also noted a possible marginalization problem.

“Furthermore, I believe that we may be marginalizing some students who do not have access to the internet or a computer in the middle of the night,” Bullock said. “Our students have many responsibilities to family and work, and as such, asking our nontraditional student to stay up until midnight is disingenuous.”

The Registrar’s Office settled on 7 a.m. since it fit students’ busy schedules better than the former start time, which required students to stay up late to get their first choice of next semester’s classes.

“The 7 a.m. start time better aligns with the schedules of students who also work and have families, as many of Weber State students do,” said Associate Registar Cori Horne.

With the new time, students can come to campus and use campus computers for registration as well, giving them an equal chance at coveted course slots to those who have home computers.

The new morning start time also aligns more closely with Weber State business hours, such as the Registration Office, Information Technology Service Desk, the Cashier’s Office, the academic advisors and other departments, which will now be available to assist registering students as needed.

“Our goal is to help students reach their educational goals,” Bullock said. “I believe this change puts the institution in a better position to help the students register.”

Summer registration opened April 1, and students can see their assigned registration date for fall by using the Registration Time app in the eWeber portal.

Fall registration begins for the earliest groups on April 8.

Future registration dates, as well as registration times and class schedules, are available and can be found by visiting weber.edu/registration.

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