After competing for four years at Weber State University, Emily Drake will continue her basketball career with the Ausarta Barakaldo in Barakaldo, Spain.

“I answered the text that a team was interested at 1 a.m. because of the time difference,” Drake said. “I was so excited to share it with my family when they woke up.”

The Pullman, WA native explained it’s a long process that starts the moment you run out of eligibility at the collegiate level.

“You find an agent or agency, and they get in contact with teams that need players,” Drake said. “They use your highlight film and your basketball resume to market you, and if teams are interested a contract is drawn up.”

Drake also participated in the Eurobasketball Summer League earlier this summer in Tamp Bay, which helped get her name out professional teams in Europe.

Barakaldo competes in the Liga Femenina 2 de Baloncesto (Women’s Basketball League 2), but each year the champion and runner up promote to the top tier Liga Femenina.

“I have talked with the coach and some girls that have played in the past over there, and they had a great experience,” Drake said. “The situation is great, and I thought it was going to be a good fit.”

Drake finished her career at Weber State playing in 129 games and averaged 11.2 points per game. She currently sits in the top ten for three point field goals made and three point field goals attempted, while recording 1,444 points and 227 assists.

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