The Fraternity of Psi Phi Psi hosted the 4th annual Extra Life Game-A-Thon fundraiser to raise money for Primary Children’s Hospital. The fundraiser helped students join a fun and inclusive event on campus while supporting a good cause.

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Students gather at University Village to play video games for the annual Extra Life Game-a-thon to raise funds for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals ( Robert Lewis / The Signpost)

Extra-Life is a company that helps host marathon gaming to raise money for children. Psi Phi Psi has partnered with them for the past five years to host a 24-hour gaming marathon on campus, and all students are encouraged to participate. On Nov. 2, groups of students and staff played tabletop games such as Dungeons and Dragons and Betrayal at House on the Hill.

The event was organized by Philanthropy Chair Britton Harward. Colton Bell, one of the first members of Psi Phi Psi, said that this tradition has grown so much from that first small gathering in his house. During his early years in Psi Phi Psi, he felt inspired and took the opportunity to plan a significant event that would reoccur every year. Bell believes that this kind of activity has the most substantial impact on the community.

“We are helping Weber State University’s community be at the forefront of these amazing programs,” Bell said. WSU was one of the first to participate in Extra-Life. Bell also stated that by engaging with a program like Extra-Life, WSU shows that its students have a passion for helping our communities and that others should be encouraged to join.

Randi Weston with Student Affairs Technology and E-sports were looking to grow their gaming initiative on campus, and Weston felt that teaming up with the fraternity would be a great way to raise awareness about the games that E-sports has to offer. Weston stated that she feels the event is important because she thinks that “a lot of people are into tabletop games and table RPGs and are looking for a community that they can participate in, and it’s not readily recognized that there is a community of students that participates on campus.”

This year, both Weston and Bell were pleased with the money they raised for Extra-Life and Children’s Miracle Network. Together, both Psi Phi Psi and E-sports raised $3,750, which was one of the most successful contributions they have had in the past four years.

Editor’s Note: The initial version of this story stated that Colton Bell organized the event. The event was actually organized Philanthropy Chair Britton Harward, and the story has been updated to reflect this information.

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