1. Which major tech company has banned the Zoom platform from use by its employees?

a. Google

b. Apple

c. IBM

d. Microsoft

2. Which three states have had protests over stay-at-home measures President Donald Trump has openly supported?

a. Alabama, Florida and South Carolina

b. Oregon, Washington and Illinois

c. Michigan, Minnesota and Virginia

d. Idaho, Arizona and North Dakota

3. How many coronavirus cases have been reported nationally at the time of writing?

a. 500,000

b. 625,802

c. 712, 235

d. 746,300

4. How many hotel rooms has the Los Angeles Government secured for the elderly homeless population and the homeless with medical conditions?

a. 10,000

b. 15,000

c. 18,000

d. 20,000



1. a. Google banned the use of Zoom on company computers, according to The Hill. Zoom competes with Google Meets, but in addition to not using a competitive product, Zoom has had several security breaches over the past weeks. Google is not the only one to take this stance: NASA, SpaceX and many other government agencies have banned the use of Zoom on company computers for fear of information being hacked through Zoom.

2. c. Michigan, Minnesota and Virginia. President Trump has supported protests in Michigan, Minnesota and Virginia over stay-at-home orders that were put forth by the governor, according to NBC News. These protests were held in states with Democratic governors; Trump has not openly supported protests in states with GOP governors. Several of the GOP governors and officials are criticizing President Trump for handling the protests poorly since they are in direct contradiction to the plans he has put forth in the past days.

3. d. 746,300. According to NPR as of April 19, 746,300 cases have been reported in the United States. In the world, 2,382,000 cases have been diagnosed and COVID-19 has been found in 212 countries. 40,400 people who contracted the illness in the United States passed away due to the virus.

4. b. 15,000. According to the L.A. Times, 15,000 hotel rooms have been secured for the homeless population who are also high risk. The initiative rolled out by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority has had support from the state, including the Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. The project, dubbed “Project Roomkey,” could potentially prevent 350 deaths and 1,400 hospitalizations in this community.

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