Image from Pixabay
Image from Pixabay

1. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to surge through much of the world. We have now passed _______ cases worldwide.

a. 80 million

b. 3 million

c. 40 million

d. 900,000

2. This past week, Apple announced their new model 12 iPhone. How many sales were there in the first 24 hours of presale?

a. 2 million

b. 400,000

c. 800,000

d. 4 million

3. Police in LA were attempting to arrest a sexual assault suspect when he produced a _________ and then barricaded himself in a Paramount Studios building.

a. sword

b. knife

c. gun

d. taser

4. Hill Air Force Base will be one of four bases asked to participate in coronavirus surveillance to assess what?

a. New symptoms

b. Testing methods

c. Contact tracing

d. Asymptomatic populations

5. Weber State University launched what new master’s degree last week?

a. Master of Social Work

b. Master of Computing

c. Master of English

d. Master of Behavioral Science


1. The correct answer is c, 40 million. According to Fox News, the case count could be higher, because asymptomatic carries won’t factor into the count and governments may conceal true case numbers.

2. The correct answer is a, 2 million. According to CNBC, the sales surpassed last year’s record of 800,000.

3. The correct answer is b, a knife. According to NBC, the suspect was arrested just after midnight on Oct. 19.

4. The correct answer is d, asymptomatic populations. According to KSL, the base will test 100 active-duty personnel over 14 days.

5. The correct answer is a, Master of Social Work. According to the university press release, applications for those who wish to join the program are due Dec. 1. WSU is the fourth university in Utah to offer this program.

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