COVID-19 is causing significant disruptions in everybody’s lives. The uncertainty, isolation, and fear are stressors the population has been living under for the last three weeks.

The National Institute of Mental Health, NIMH, states that changes in sleep and eating patterns, incremented use of alcohol, drugs and tobacco, worries and fears are among the difficulties people are facing.

To cope with coronavirus, NIMH advises to connect with friends and family through video-calls, chat, and phone calls.

A way some people have found to be connected with friends and family is holding Zoom meetings. Students whose families are far away can see their families in real-time. Seeing the people we love boosts the serotonin.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests taking breaks from watching the news since the overexposed to upsetting news can cause people to feel overwhelmed. They advise to also disconnect from social media.

Weber State University Counseling Services offers in their portal some ideas to maintain a healthy self-routine. Trying to keep your regular daily routine and reach out for social support are some of them.

It also explains that being patient, accepting and collaborative is a way to manage stress. Accept the current normal and the situation.

Bringing home what people use to do outside can help manage unwanted feelings.

Many yoga and fitness instructors are giving free online classes. Some gyms are streaming their courses online. Maintaining a healthy physical routine is vital to combat these stressful times.

Broadway and Playbill shows are streaming for free. The all-time famous Cat and Peter Pan are among the displays. Theatre and Opera lovers can take advantage of this opportunity and entertain during isolation.

Virtual trips to touristic destinations such as the Great Barrier Reef and tours to places such as museums are free.

World-class chefs are also joining forces to help people during isolation and are giving free online cooking classes. Eat well-balanced meals to boost the immune system and stay healthy.

Staying away from the news, keeping a healthy physical routine, eating well and being entertained are some of the things you can do to cope with isolation.

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