For many students, a part-time or even full-time job is a part of the college experience. Many universities, including WSU, have long had job opportunities available to students. Taking time to look for and explore employment options available could help with tuition, internships and other college-related focuses students may have.

EOSFitness display at the WSU Career Fair. (Robert Lewis / The Signpost)
EOSFitness display at the WSU Career Fair. (Robert Lewis / The Signpost)

Opportunities span across Weber State with applicable experiences for many different majors and work study programs. Exploring resources available to those seeking employment is always encouraged.

The career services department is where students can find the most information relating to current job openings and employment at Weber. Students are also encouraged to use Handshake, a free online resource tool developed by career services. The handshake application can help students find work in their fields of study or interest, notify students of job openings on campus, and streamline student employment applications so the most benefit can be extracted by both the student and department that is hiring.

Danone representatives at the WSU Career Fair. (Robert Lewis / The Signpost)
Danone representatives at the WSU Career Fair. (Robert Lewis / The Signpost)

Students can also use career services and Handshake to find internships. There are internships that can be completed on campus or around the community depending on the student and the goals of their individual studies.

Currently, over 270 jobs are listed on the page. This is where prospects can search, research and apply for university jobs. An easy user interface allows the person to select campus locations and departments they are interested in working with. Prospective employees can also bookmark jobs they are interested in.

Career Fair, fall 2019, at WSU (Robert Lewis / The Signpost)
Fall 2019 Career Fair at WSU. (Robert Lewis / The Signpost)

Becoming employed with WSU not only provides students with opportunities to learn, grow and serve campus, it can provide incentives for students as well. Students are paid and may receive incentives towards tuition and costs of attendance.

Each job and department have different qualifications and programs for students. It is recommended that those searching for a job with incentives use the job search tool and read descriptions of the jobs they are applying for. Incentives while working on campus can help alleviate some of the financial burdens incurred while attending college while also providing experience in an applicable field.

Conservice representatives also had a table at the Fall 2019 career fair.  (Robert Lewis / The Signpost)
Conservice representatives had a table at the fall 2019 career fair. (Robert Lewis / The Signpost)

Weber State University is an ever-growing campus with a plethora of job opportunities for both students and those looking for salary positions. Job seekers should utilize the online employment system when applying.

WSU is an equal opportunity employer that actively seeks highly qualified and diverse individuals to apply. They have a commitment to excellence in education and cooperation among faculty, staff and students.

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