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Suspicious strangers

WSUPD received a report of a suspicious person on Nov. 30 around 8:45 p.m. Over the phone, a complainant explained that she left Lindquist Hall around 8 p.m. that night when she was approached by a large man with facial hair, wearing an orange jacket, green safety vest and a gray beanie. The man asked if she knew when the next bus was coming and then asked where she was from.

She said the man made her uncomfortable, and she did not respond. She left the area and then saw a female classmate was talking to the man at the bus stop on Edvalson Street. The complainant was concerned and wanted to report the man as displaying odd behavior. An officer searched the area and did not find a man matching that description. The officer spoke with a UTA bus driver for route 455, who said that they did pick up a man matching the description who got off the bus with a second man but did not have a female with him. No further action was taken.

Perilous parking

An accident occurred on Nov. 29 in the Dee Events Center parking lot. A parked vehicle was struck on the rear driver side as another vehicle attempted to park. A third-party witness notified the owner of the damaged vehicle. The driver who hit the parked car later returned to the scene and both drivers were able to exchange insurance information.

A midnight movie

A patrolling officer observed a suspicious vehicle parked on the east side of the W4 lot on Nov. 23 around 12:15 a.m. The officer approached and found two individuals inside. The officer asked the driver why they were in a dark car in the parking lot. The driver stated that the two of them were watching a movie on a smartphone. The officer checked the driver’s license and it came back valid. The two individuals denied alcohol or drug use when asked by the officer. The officer took no further action.

Late night fight club

Various people were told there was a fight occurring outside of the Browning Center on Nov. 20 around 11 a.m. Four boys were playing a “punching game” in which the participants stand in a circle and take turns punching each other to try to force the other players to step out of the circle. An officer spoke to the group about the risks of this behavior on campus. The group was released after a records check of each person was completed.

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